Duel 95 Professional

Garry's Mod

Our Server

We originally launched the server back in 2013 as part of our new dedicated server machine. Back then, we only used Sandbox and had some addon content to enhance gameplay.

In 2014 we introduced a massive variety of maps, player models, weapons, objects, ragdolls, vehicles and game modes on a progressive basis. All the new content lead to video production, see Duel 95 Broadcasting for more information. As more players joined, we had more and more content requests for the server. So in July 2015, we released our biggest addon pack yet weighing at 4.7GB of content.

As of 2016, the server is not actively updated and not available 24/7 - but that it won't be difficult to launch again. So the server is still available upon popular demand.

Required Assets

In order to play on our Garry's Mod server, you must first download our addon pack. As of 2015, it is 4GB of data to install - but only a 1GB download. We have provided instructions on how to install this pack in the link below. Please contact either a server administrator or player before commencing installation as the files and server require passwords to proceed.

Play Garry's Mod on Duel 95 Server - Client Installation Guide